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Interview with Artist Arnold Indusa from Nairobi, Kenya

Arnold IndusaArnold Indusa is a talented pencil sketch artist from Nairobi, Kenya. He also has a Bachelor’s degree in Business IT. You can learn more about him and contact him through his facebook page.

ExtraImaginary: Please give us a background of yourself and how you got started with art.

Arnold Indusa: Well, I found myself drawing at the back of my school books way back in primary school, and was definitely fascinated by that. I actually enjoyed it a lot though I got into a lot of trouble for “dirtifying” my school books. Little did people know it was a blessing in disguise. I’m the first born out of the 3 of us, and I live in South C. I graduated from Strathmore University with a Bachelors Degree in Business IT.

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Interview with Artist Kennedy “Da Vinci” Wafula from Bungoma County, Kenya

Kennedy Wafula

Kennedy “Da Vinci” Wafula is a self taught artist from Bungoma County, Kenya. He derives deep inspiration from Leonardo Da Vinci. You can find out more about Kennedy on his profile on

ExtraImaginary: Please give us a background of yourself and your art.

Kennedy “Da Vinci” Wafula: I am Kennedy Wafula from Bungoma county, born in 1992. I studied at Nzoia Primary school then joined Bungoma High School where I was privileged to take art/design as my favourite subject. I did my exams in 2011 and I have not yet joined university. My art dates back to 1999. As a child I used to trace pictures just for fun. In 2003 I came to discover my talent when I realized my classmate Dennis Munyasi drawing amazing picture just from a magazine that attracted the attention of the whole class. When I gave a try to draw what he drew I realized I had the potential to draw picture although he was miles ahead of me.

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Interview with Multi Disciplinary Artist Marta Martina Mijic from Zagreb, Croatia

Marta Martina MijicMarta Martina Mijic (28) is Croatian multi-discipline artist currently residing in Zagreb, Croatia. You can view Marta’s work on her Facebook pages: Marta Art Factory and MAF Pet Photography, and also through her website. View Marta’s portfolio. You can also view her photography after the interview below.

ExtraImaginary: Please give us a background of yourself and your photography.

Martina Mijić MAFphotoMarta Martina Mijic: I was born in Travnik, a small town located 90 km west from Sarajevo, and I spent my childhood interchangeably in Bosnia and Herzegovina, Croatia, as well, Germany. Since 2007, I am based in Zagreb where I founded an association, MAF that affects many art fronts. Photography (MAFphoto), painting, and creation of unique organ decorations are some of the things that I am involved with.

My first independent painting exhibition, symbolically named “My Story” was in Travnik (Bosnia and Herzegovina) 2005. I presented 66 paintings done in various techniques. I also participated in numerous group exhibitions, courses, and workshops.

“As an artist, I am oriented towards abstract art. The artist world is full of color, but my photography shows the opposite, the black and white world”
Marta Martina Mijic

My first independent photography exhibition, named “Voyage, part I, Light and Darkness”, has been presented in Belgrade (Serbia) in 2010, at the Center for Photo and Film Culture of Serbians. The second independent exhibition, “Balance”, has been presented in Zagreb in 2013, and it has been based on the sports theme.

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Interview with Annette Jimerson – Artist in the United States

Annette Jimerson Annette Jimerson is an artist from San Jacinto, California. She was identified at a very young age as a talented artist, securing a scholarship, and was encouraged by her mother to develop her skills. Annette’s art is inspired by the world, the people and all life within it. Connect with Annette through her website or email her at annettejimerson [at] gmail [dot] com, for more information and to purchase her art. You can also view her art at, Society 6, and at A Princess Store.

You can view Annette’s Art Portfolio or see her work after the interview below.

ExtraImaginary: Please give us a background of yourself and your journey as an artist.

Annette Jimerson: I come from a very talented artist my mom “Jessie Lee Jimerson” who had one of her paintings that sold to the Chicago Museum, at an early age. She was born 1927, I would love to find some of her work.

As for my journey, one day while with my mom at an art store, I was looking through a “How to Draw Portraits Book” in 1974, and asked for her to buy me some pencils and a sketch pad. Every piece that I drew was very expressive, professional, and it looked as if I had been here before as a artist, some of these drawings I still have and are available for viewing on my website.
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Interview with Boris Vargovic – Photographer in Croatia

Boris Vargovic Boris Vargovic is a photographer and graphic design artist from Croatia. You can connect with Boris on Facebook, YouTube, or via email to learn more about him and to purchase his art.

Please note: All photos are Limited edition series (100 prints max.) and can be purchased by contacting Boris.

View Boris’ art portfolio. You can also view his art after the interview below.

ExtraImaginary: Please give us a background of yourself and how you got started with photography and graphic design.

Boris Vargovic: I’m 30 years behind the lens and almost 20 years in graphic design, I took my first photo when I was eight. For 20 years I developed b/w and color photos in my darkroom, I made expositions, visited many places in the country where I live, in Europe and some places in the world. Today I’m the owner of a graphic design and sign making studio in Croatia, but all my intentions are directed to art photography on all levels.

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Interview with Ashish Soni – Artist in India

Ashish SoniAshish Soni is a self taught pencil sketch artist from India. He strives to make his sketches realistic, life like and natural. You can connect with Ashish on Facebook to learn more about him and to purchase his art.

View Ashish’s art portfolio. You can also view his art after the interview below.

ExtraImaginary: Please give us a background of yourself and your journey as an artist.

I live in a small town Durg near Raipur, capital of Chattisgarh. I have always been good at learning new things and I take it as a challenge to become good in any field. After learning guitar, I was looking for something different yet artistic which would allow me to capture my views in a different manner than music. I used to draw cartoons (Ducktales, Spiderman, Batman, Mogli, Mickey Mouse, Donald Duck etc) when I was a kid and also did a lot of ‘Rangoli’ during Diwali time. My craziest work was the Scenes of Jurassic Park (When Dinosour breaks the Fencing) sketching out on paper when I saw the Movie. When I saw pencil sketches online two-three years ago, I got inspired to try my hands at it. I started by downloading a few e-books on sketching and learning from them, I got an idea but not that much help. Soon I realized I had a good eye for lighting, angle, shades, detailing etc. that helped me capture real essence in pictures. Now a days I strive to make my sketches as close to reality as possible. All my sketches have a life and they are realistic.

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Children of Zagreb – An Exhibition by Ognjen Karabegović

Children of Zagreb Ognjen Karabegović, a talented photographer from Zagreb, Croatia whom we interviewed in June this year, is having an exhibition at Knihovna Mesta, Tomkova 177 in Hradec Kralove city in the Czech Republic from November 1, 2010 to November 30, 2010. If you are in Hradec Kralove during this time, please go visit. You can get in touch with Ogy on Facebook to get more details.

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Interview with Shalini Srivatsan & Shruthi Srivatsan – Bharatanatyam Dancers from Nairobi, Kenya

Shalini Srivatsan and Shruthi SrivatsanShalini Srivatsan is a Medical Electronics Engineer and Shruthi Srivatsan is an IT Professional. Both sisters have pursued their art form of Bharatanatyam dance, a classical dance from South India, since they were 3-4 years old. They also teach the art form to other aspiring young children in Nairobi, Kenya.

You can connect with Shalini and Shruthi on Facebook. You can also view photos of some of their performances.

ExtraImaginary: Please give us a little background about yourselves and your dance.

Shalini & Shruthi: In the real world (LOL … as in working world) we both are graduates. Shalini in medical electronics engineering and Shruthi in Information systems and technology. We both work in Nairobi; Shallu is a product specialist at Nairobi X-Ray Supplies Ltd and Shruthi the head of IT at Kenya Data Networks (KDN).

In our world, we are dancers … and dreamers … As far as dance goes, we’ve been learning right here at home since we were 4 and 3. Dance pretty much defines a huge part of us! We are Bharatanatyam dancers.

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Interview with Julie Mancia – Artist from Southern California, USA

Julie ManciaJulie Mancia is an artist based in Southern California. Her artwork is inspired by her favorite movies and her emotions at a particular moment in time. You can connect with Julie on Facebook to learn more about her and to purchase her art.

View Julie’s art portfolio or see it after the interview below

ExtraImaginary: Julie, could you please give us a little background about yourself and your art?

Julie Mancia: I’m Julie Mancia. I’m 28 years old. I was born and raised in Southern California. I went to Occidental college and have a BA in Psychology. In addition, I received a minor in Studio art. My focus initially was on print making. After I graduated from Occidental, I got a Masters in Marriage and Family Therapy. With a full time job and full time school, I found it difficult to incorporate art into my life. It was about two years ago with the encouragement and support of my boyfriend that I began to pick up art once again…. This time I decided to explore the world of painting. I just love it! I paint with oil on canvas and every painting is done in one sitting. A unique thing about my painting style is that I paint while watching my favorite movies playing in the background. I am a huge Disney fan, which you may have noticed inspired most of my current artwork. I’ve done a series of about 15 canvases and it has been a wonderful experience. I’ve just had my first showing about a month ago. I am stepping out there and putting my art out for others to enjoy and see.

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Art Meets Vienna – A project that aims to unify artists worldwide

Art Meets ViennaArt Meets Vienna is a project that unifies artists of all nations and it’s goal is to hold an exhibition with artworks from artists all over the world in Vienna. The well observed art project “Art Meets Vienna”, founded by the Viennese artist Monika Mori on Facebook on March 15th 2010 will soon reach it’s goal: an exhibition in Vienna.

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